You can still get a divorce, even with court closures. Here’s how.

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Divorce is a big decision. You can get through it with your dignity and your pocketbook in tact.

Read on for real answers (we never hide the ball) on how to develop an exit strategy that gets you off to a legally advantageous start and strategically plan your divorce.


What are the different types of court hearings?

If you and your spouse cannot agree to the terms prior to filing, there are a number of court hearings you may need to prepare for. 

Complete List of Alberta Divorce Forms with Links

These forms below can be used to complete an uncontested divorce or a joint divorce.

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Be an Ideal Client & Save

10 Reasons Why Being an Ideal Client Saves You Money. Pay Attention.

Mandatory Financial Disclosures

During a divorce, financial information is required from both parties to enable asset splitting and to help calculate child support and spousal support. 

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