You can still get a divorce, even with court closures. Here’s how.

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Kids & Pets

Get the tools you need to understand legal and physical custody (of kids and pets), develop an effective parenting plan, understand child support and add-ons (like childcare and medical expenses) and prepare for child custody mediation.

We are all amateurs at parenting which is a good reminder that nothing we do is going to be perfect (especially when there’s so many needs and interests that have to be balanced). Kids are resilient and we’ve seen loads of them survive (and thrive) post-divorce.

Can My Ex Move the Kids

“Mobility rights” refer to the ability of one parent to move and bring along their child(ren). A parent who has sole custody of their child does not have an absolute right to move anywhere they please.

Divorce & Pets: Who Gets Fido?

Couples spend time and money raising pets, training them, and caring for them. Purchasing a pet is often a joint decision, and the companionship offered by the animal is enjoyed by both parties. Despite this, courts view pets as property.

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No Bulk Discounts with More than One Baby Mama

Courts enforce child support strictly because children have the right to be adequately cared for. Child support is paid to cover the essentials like food and clothes.

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