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Property & Debt

All property and debt acquired during your marriage must be divided, assigned or equalized. Property includes everything from vehicles, pets and furnishings to bank accounts, tax refunds, real property, retirement benefits and stock options. This property must be divided fairly in order for the judge to grant your divorce.

These resources contemplate all reimbursements, credits, assets and debts that you must account for and empowers you to make choices that best impact your life. We also include tools that we’ve developed to help you evaluate your options and for use in negotiation, mediation or litigation.

7 Tips to Protect Your Interests In A Common-law Relationship

Well--separation is expensive. But you do have control over how expensive.

9 Tips to Protect Your Interests When You’re Married

A “good” divorce is possible. Make it your mantra.

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My name is not on the title to our house, is it still joint property?

People are usually due what they put into the relationship, such as domestic duties.

Property that doesn’t get divided 50/50

A summary of propoerty that is not evenly split during a divorce. 

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